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Grahak Panchayat Maharashtra History

grahak panchayat

grahak panchayat grahak panchayat GRAHAK PANCHAYAT-MAHARASHTRA.
R.NO. MAH. 474/2010

grahak panchayat

The Pioneer of Indian Consumer Movement, Grahakteerth Hon. Shri Bindumadhav Joshi is the founder of this organization. Inspired by him, Dr. Vijay Lad registered this organization. Grahaktirth Hon. Bindumadhav Joshi is the founder president of Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchyat, Freedom Fighter and Ex Minister.
He is born in Pune on 25th September 1931. He is a member of ‘Joshi ’ family-one of the few habitants of pune staying there for over 800 years.

He graduated in languages from famous S.P. College Pune. In 1954 , he participated in armed struggle for the Freedom of Dadara Nagar Haveli area which continued to be a Portuguese Colony even after the parts of India became independent.

He never entered in Politics. He worked dedicatedly in adivasi and dry area of Maharashtra. He worked with devotion for uplift of backward society.

In 1972, he came in close contact with Hon. Jayprakash Narayan who inaugurated Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchyat in Pune. He was highly impressed and inspired by ‘Navnirman Movement’ of Hon. Jayprakash Narayan.

He started ‘Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Pnchyat’ in 1974; which has become more a mass movement of consumers rather than an institution. Through this movement, new and unique thought of consumer movement based on Indian philosophy and ethos was developed and has now been widely accepted. ”Bindumadhav Joshi is the guardian of Indian consumer movement”, said Hon. M.C. Chhagala-chief justice of supremecourt.

He tried his level best to bring the Consumer Protection Act and as a result of his hard work and efforts the act is passed in 1986. Separate Consumer Forums are established with his hard efforts. A separate department of consumer welfare is established.

He was appointed a President-(Ministerial Rank) of consumer welfare high power committee of Govt. of Maharashtra. He led a unique experiment of close co-operation between voluntary Consumer Movement and Administration.

He is honoured by various prestigious awards like ‘Amrut Award’ by Indian Merchant Chember: ’Ramshashtri Prabhune Award’ for social justice. Prestigious FIE Foundation Award for Consumer Movement. ‘Yadnayavalka Award’ for contributing original thoughts in the Field of social service.

India and Vivekananda are his idols and ideals. ‘One life, one mission’ is his life line.He is our friend, Philosopher and guide.

Yogaabhyasi, Freedom Fighter,Ex Minister,the pioneer of Indian Consumer Movement and the Founder-President of Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchyat is now not out 82 years old. This old young man devotes 14 hours of the day to work for Indian Consumer Movement. We are proud that such a great man is the Founder,Advisor and Guardian of this organization, i.e. Grahak Panchayat-Maharashtra.

उठा, जागे व्हा, देश तुमची वाट पहात आहे.

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