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Our Aims and Objectives (उद्दिष्टे )

Our Mission Is to Make Society free from all types of exploitation

1. To establish a disciplined and devoted institution and develop a consumer movement by cultivating moral values, dedication, trusteeship and love for nation.

2. To create consumer awareness by educating them about their duties and rights.

3. To help Consumers to obtain their rights and protect them from unfair trading.

4. To educate all citizens and consumers by lectures, meetings, workshops, exhibitions and audio-visual aids about consumer movement, consumer protection and consumer welfare.

5. To establish an academy or research centre to study Indian Consumer Policy and to establish such centres in school, colleges and universities.

6. To solve consumers grievances in consumer forums and demand justice for consumers.

7. To make efforts to form guidelines about price, distribution and sale of goods.

8. To protect all the consumers economically and socially.

9. To work with different co-related organizations of equal thoughts on state and national level for the welfare of the consumers.

10. To help co-related organizations of equal thoughts or to give them affiliation of such co-related organization for development of work.

11. Not to particpate or take part in canvassing in any political election.

12. To discuss with State or Central Government and take decision for consumer welfare.

   Consumer is the kingpin of democracy.

- Late Justice M. C. Chhagla